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Is your system starting to slow down or show signs of aging. If so now might be the time
to think about changing it, are you thinking of replacing your PC for the latest Apple.

We provide a friendly service to find the right computer solution for you.

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Whatever your needs, we can give advice on purchasing Pre-built and Customised
PCs, Macs, networking (hubs/switches/routers/cables etc), printers, scanners, modems,
cables, motherboards, hard drives, software and lots more. (Most items are in stock,
fully tested and ready to go)


We also provide helpful advise on upgrades, rebuilds, repairs and source the correct
supplier for all your computer needs. This means that we save your time and money
by finding you the best deal from the top supplier coupled with the very best local
advice and support.


A quick quote can be generated for you and we will talk
you through the order process in one easy step.







Brilliant on support - they tell me what needs updating or replacing, and then do it, and provide any necessary new equipment. This removes all the worries. I am not fully computer literate, and they are also very quick to sort
out any problems I have
as a user......

Edward Dowden